May 152013

Midway Celebration

MONDAY NIGHT * MARCH 11th * 7 PM in front of PP.
In honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we will have a prayer service that everyone can participate in together. Because of who Our Lady is and all that she has done for the Americas, I am asking that anyone who has an image, statue, picture or banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe to bring it with you. Our Lady’s image has been circulating in our communities and it would be a blessing for the unborn to continue our devotion to her in behalf of the unborn. This is an opportunity to bring more awareness to those that pass by and hopefully increase devotion to her. If you don’t have an image of Our Lady, I do have small pictures of her to pass out. Come help spread her love.

St. Joseph’s Feast Day

MARCH 19TH * TUESDAY * 12 NOON TO 8 PM Vigil hours. Tuesday is the day that the babies’ lives are ended. Faithful prayer warriors are in front of PP every Tuesday from 8 AM to Noon. So in honor of St. Joseph, I am asking that the Knight of Columbus, the King’s Men and all other men who are able to continue these faithful prayers from Noon No one can change what happened that morning but maybe the men who brought their children to have them eliminated from their lives will notice that men do care about women because they are men and it might inspire these men to have a change of heart toward life and love and relationships.

Closing Celebration

Palm Sunday March 24th at 2 PM, we will pray the Stations of the Cross in front of Planned Parenthood.
Just as Jesus was crucified for being born the Son of God, these babies are killed for innocently being conceived. We need not go to Jerusalem to see the place where Jesus’ Blood was shed. ” What you do to the least of My brethren, you do unto Me” in West Chester.

Besides giving thanks for God’s only Son’s sacrifice, we give thanks for each and everyone one of you as without you there would be no 12th campaign and 30 babies, that we know of, in West Chester saved. Stations also gives us the opportunity to remind the community that Easter is about more than chocolate bunnies. Please join us in giving thanks for all the babies saved during this Campaign that was held in 261 cities world wide.

Thank you for your sacrifice of time in behalf of the unborn.

Parking Issues

The gas station that faces Market St. has changed hands. The new resident is starting up a used car dealership. He is very adamant that we do not park on his property whether he is open for business or not. We can still park on the parking area in front of the mechanic shop facing Planned Parenthood , if it is closed. Also, if you choose to park on the street remember to notice the signs at the ends of the streets as that is the only place “permit parking” signs are located. It doesn’t seem that there are any signs between the two ends. It costs $2 to park in the garage.

Paulette Matthews
610-286-5450 (H)
484-832-2746 (C)

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