Oct 072012

There is an urgent need for Spanish-speaking sidewalk counselors.  Many of the women who go to Planned Parenthood for abortions speak only Spanish.  We need to be able to communicate God’s Love to them in a language they understand.  To learn more about it, call Katie Fleming (484-639-3491) or send an email to Uta Trogele (utat@comcast.net.)

Oct 072012

What are they?  What does the Church Teach? You need to know.
Dr. Peter Colosi and Mr. Bobby Schindler

Dr. Colosi is Assistant Professor of Moral Theology
at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.

Bobby Schindler is Executive Director of the
Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network
Tuesday, October 237 pm

Holy Cross Parish Hall
Springfield Rd. & Bishop Ave.
Springfield, PA

Oct 072012

God’s plan for living happy, healthy, holy lives from beginning to end.

The Respect Life Committee of St. Peter Church is presenting a sequel to their outstanding series of monthly talks beginning in September 2012.  All presentations will be held at St. Peter Church beginning at 7 PM, followed by refreshments and fellowship.  All are welcome.   The next lecture  will be:
Monday, Oct. 22nd  “Truth and Dignity in Marriage – The Catholic Church and the Same-Sex Movement “   presented by Adam Dickerson (from the Archdiocese)

The Church’s perspective on the beauty of God’s plan for marriage and human sexuality is something of a best-kept secret!

With the Church’s moral teaching as the backdrop, this presentation will address same-sex tendencies and the current emphasis on the legalization of same-sex unions. 

Out of respect for the incomparable worth of every human person, the Church cannot be silent, however misunderstood and maligned her teaching may seem to the modern sensibility.

As the guardian of truth and dignity, the Church proclaims Christ’s truth with sensitivity and compassion.

Oct 072012

We need to email Mike Turzai ,the majority leader, the Lt. Governor , the Governor and our legislators put pressure on them to opt out of the insurance exchange part of Obamacare.  The email addresses are available on the PA government web site.  If you need help call Jack O’Brian 610-692-2122.

Oct 072012

YOU can help save lives!
In the fall of 2012 from September 26 – November 4, our community [now participating in it’s 11th campaign] will be one of more than 316 cities across the United States (49 states plus Washington, DC), Canada (7 provinces), England, Spain, Australia and for the first time Uganda joining together for a coordinated international pro-life mobilization — the 40 Days for Life campaign.  Many new cities (46) have joined in this campaign.

40 Days for Life is a groundbreaking pro-life initiative that burst onto the national scene just eight years ago, mobilizing more than 525,000 people and over 14,000 church organizations across 49 states — and 5 foreign countries — during ten coordinated campaigns, saving 5928 baby’s lives from abortion. The community-based 40 Days for Life campaign involves people of faith in 40 days of prayer and fasting for an end to abortion, round-the-clock peaceful vigils outside abortion facilities, and grassroots educational outreach.

40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life effort that consists of:

  • 40 days of prayer and fasting
  • 40 days of peaceful vigil
  • 40 days of community outreach

We are praying that, with God’s help, this groundbreaking effort will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in West Chester — and throughoutAmerica.

Results of Past Campaigns
In the past 8 campaigns nationally coordinated 40 Days for Life mobilized people of faith and conscience in 307 cities across 50 states and beyond.  Results for the national campaign to date are shown below:

  • 5928 babies saved, confirmed that we know of
    • 23 of those in West Chester
  • 69 abortion clinic workers have quit their jobs 
  • 24 abortion clinics have completely shutdown

Take a Stand for Life
While all aspects of 40 Days for Life are crucial in our effort to end abortion, the most visible component is the peaceful prayer vigil outside the local abortion (or Planned Parenthood) facility. 

You can help make a life-saving impact by joining our local vigil at:
Planned Parenthood
8 S. Wayne Street
West Chester, PA

40 Days for Life in Chester County, PA is being led by the Chester County Pro-Life Coalition (CCPLC). For more information contact us at:
Chester County Pro-Life Coalition
590 Snyder Avenue
West Chester, PA 19382
610-692-4463 or

Sign up to participate in our local 40 Days for Life vigil by clicking the “Vigil Schedule” link at the top of their page.

Contact us 
To learn more, sign up for specific vigil hours, or let us know how you feel called to serve God in this effort, please contact the local 40 Days for Life leadership team:

Paulette Matthews
CELL: 484-832-2746

Closing Prayer Service
There will be a prayer Service on November 4 at 2 pm to 3 pm in front of Planned Parenthood to mark the closing of this campaign.
Please visit the website “Guardians of Guadalupe”, www.olg-usa.org, who are also PRAYING DAILY FOR AN END TO ABORTION.

Oct 072012

On Sunday, October 28 Ecumenical Memorial Services will be held at several locations in the Delaware Valley in memory of the hundreds of God’s precious children who are killed by abortion each week.

In Chester County, one will be held at: 2 PM at
St. Monica Cemetery
Old Lancaster Road
Berwyn, PA (near the Daylesford train station)

Participants are asked to bring a flower to place at the cemetery symbolizing a life not allowed to unfold.

Oct 072012

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 9/26/12 1:10 PM

In a new statement marking Respect Life Month, October 2012, the head of the pro-life outreach for the Catholic bishops says Catholics should “renew their personal commitment to defend all human life, especially the most vulnerable members of the human family.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, , chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), addressed various threats to human life and the need to apply principles of faith and morals in the public square.

 “By our unflinching defense of human life and religious freedom, by our witness to the transcendent nature of the human person, and by our compassionate service to our brothers and sisters in need, may we spark a renewal of love and commitment to the true good of others,” Cardinal DiNardo said. “Only a love that seeks to serve those most in need, whatever the personal cost to us, is strong enough to overcome a culture of death and build a civilization worthy of human beings made in God’s image.”

The Respect Life Program’s theme for 2012-13 is: “Faith opens our eyes to human life in all its grandeur and beauty.” As Pope Benedict XVI said during his recent apostolic visit toLebanon, “The grandeur and the raison d’être of each person are found in God alone.”

Cardinal DiNardo highlighted the importance of the 2012-13 Respect Life Program during the Year of Faith called for by Pope Benedict and quoted the pope inLebanon: “If we want peace, let us defend life! This approach leads us to reject not only war and terrorism, but every assault on innocent human life, on men and women as creatures willed by God. … We must combine our efforts, then, to develop a sound vision of…the human person. Without this, it is impossible to build true peace.”

“These links among faith, the inherent dignity and rights of human beings, and a just and peaceful society were also understood byAmerica’s Founding Fathers,” said Cardinal DiNardo. “How can people coexist, much less flourish, in a society lacking the shared belief that we are called to care for those unable to care for themselves, not to neglect, abuse or kill them? Such basic moral principles have served civilization well for millennia. Yet in recent decades, many people who influence public policy have promoted various exceptions to these principles.”

Cardinal DiNardo cited several issues, including the staggering loss of life and consequent need for healing after involvement in abortion, the death of “extra” embryos and the “selective reduction” of children in utero during fertility procedures, continued promotion of embryo-destructive stem cell research, and euthanasia of the young and old alike. He also cited the erosion of family and community bonds in the four decades since Roe v. Wade and the more recent erosion of respect for conscience rights, especially under theHHSmandate requiring even Catholic individuals and institutions to purchase insurance coverage for morally objectionable drugs and procedures.

Begun in 1972, the Respect Life Program stresses the value and dignity of human life. It is observed in the 195 Catholic dioceses in the United States. The full statement and Respect Life Program resources may be found online in English and Spanish at www.usccb.org/respectlife.