Jan 262013

There is an urgent need for Spanish-speaking sidewalk counselors.  Many of the women who go to Planned Parenthood for abortions speak only Spanish.  We need to be able to communicate God’s Love to them in a language they understand.  To learn more about it, call Katie Fleming (484-639-3491)

Jan 262013

Opportunities for Prayer & Witness

January 12 (Saturday) 8 am prayer in front of the abortion mill at 8th and Cherry St. in Philadelphia followed by Mass in the Cathedral and a meeting of all participating groups in the cafeteria of the Archdiocese office building

January 20 (Sunday) –  Chester County March for Life 2:30 pm, West Chester   – See above for details.

January 25 (Friday) – March for Life, Washington, DC – Buses will leave from many locations around Chester County. To locate a bus near you, call our bus coordinator, Tom Bones, at 610-993-0331.

January 24 (Thursday) – Life Chain in West Chester, Noon – 1 pm, Chester County Courthouse, High & Market Sts., Sponsored by Chester County Pro-Life

Jan 262013

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Reception: 4 pm,  Dinner:  5 pm
Springfield Country Club
Delaware County

The featured speaker for this year’s Banquet, sponsored by Pennsylvanians for Human Life, will be Dom Giordano, a popular local radio host.

The winner of the Margaret Hoffner Award will be announced.

Call 610-696-0780 or email Pennlife@Verizon.net for additional information or to make a reservation.

Tickets are:
$50. each
$450. for a table of ten
$25. for students

Jan 262013

by Wesley J. Smith | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 12/18/12 2:46 PM

Advanced Cell Technology claims it will soon apply to the FDA to conduct a human trial using induced pluripotent stem cells, that is, stem cells created from normal skin or other somatic cells.  From the Wall Street Journal story:

A Massachusetts biotechnology company said it expects as early as Friday to start the process for regulatory approval of what experts said would be the first human trial involving stem cells created by reprogramming adult cells back to an embryonic-like state. Researchers have been experimenting with treatments derived from stem cells, which can grow into other cell types or tissues. But such cells are typically obtained by destroying human embryos, a controversial practice…The newer approach involves reprogramming mature cells, typically from the skin, without the need to destroy embryos. Two of the researchers who developed the process shared a Nobel Prize this year for the work.

Advanced Cell Technology Inc. of Marlborough, Mass., says it wants to test blood-clotting particles, called platelets, made from such reprogrammed cells. People with certain forms of leukemia, anemia and other conditions need repeat infusions of platelets to avoid bleeding to death, but can develop resistance to the donated cells over time, making them less effective, experts say. Stem-cell derived platelets could overcome that problem because they could be derived from a patient’s own cells. “This would really be a dramatic advance in medicine, but it remains to be seen if this would be successful,” said Alan Michelson, a platelet researcher at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital who would lead a clinical trial in the U.S. studying ACT’s stem-cell derived platelets.

ACT is also running one of the three ongoing tiny human safety trials on embryonic stem cells for a degenerative eye disease.

I hope this will work out, but a big word of caution here. ACT is notorious (my belief) for hyping itself with claims of great pending research successes–I suspect, in the hope of gaining investments–that in the end, just don’t work out. For example, during Bush years, ACT PR geniuses generated story, after story, after story in notable publications. like The Atlantic, touting its supposedly accomplished or soon-co-come human cloning successes. It never happened. But ACT’s PR engine never stops.

Also note: Pluripotent stem cells–whether embryonic or induced–can cause tumors, and thus are usually not appropriate for human treatments.  Indeed, I am reminded of Geron Corporation, which was similarly able to generate repeated stories in the fawning press about embryonic stem cell trials likely to begin “next year.”  It finally happened–after about 5 years of promises.  Geron has since ended the trial and gone out of the stem cell research business.

So, I wish ACT success in the hope that IPSCs can work out in creating human treatments.  (They already are being used to create tailor made, disease-specific cell lines for use in drug testing and research.)  But in the old Ronald Reagan term, when it comes to ACT, always trust but verify. Strike that: Just verify.

Jan 262013

40 Days For Life image

Spring Campaign 

February 13th – March 24

As you are making your plans for 2013, please, include time to participate in the upcoming 40 Days for Life Spring Campaign. The National 40 Days for Life team will be sending out DVD training videos, printed manuals and NEW promotional material. After reviewing the material, I will better know how to plan our 40 Days Opening in Chester County.

I will be sending the final plans through my e-mails as usual. If you do not get my e-mails, please, send me your e-mail address or call and I will include you in all the plans being made. When your church and organizations start having their meetings in January, again please, begin to pick your days and hours for our local campaign in front of Planned Parenthood, 8 S. Wayne St. in West Chester. Praying outside of Planned Parenthood is the apex of 40 Days as saving the children and their families from abortion is our ultimate goal.

It is never too early to send me your chosen days to pray during a campaign.

Again our hours will be from 8 AM to 8 PM. starting Feb 13th, Ash Wednesday. This is a very early start of the Spring Campaign so we have no time to loose in getting prepared. The National team was trying to put in place a new and easier website for all local campaigns to use but again it is not ready so they are a little behind in getting the website back up.

We had a very successful Fall 2012 Campaign bring the total of babies saved in West Chester to 30. Pray that this coming Spring Campaign blooms with more of those little ones being saved.

Paulette Matthews
610-286-5450 (H)
484-832-2746 (C)

Jan 052013

God’s plan for living happy, healthy, holy lives from beginning to end.
The Respect Life Committee of St. Peter Church has been sponsoring a series of monthly talks that began in September 2012 and are continuing through May 2013. The talks have focused on a variety of relevant topics that include a lifetime of moral issues. All presentations are held at St. Peter Church, 2835 Manor Rd., West Brandywine, PA 19320. They begin at 7 PM, followed by refreshments and fellowship. There is no fee and reservations are not required. All are welcome. Five presentations are scheduled for 2013. They include:

Jan. 7 – “Women’s Health & Family Planning” presented by Steve Bozza

Feb. 4 – ”Same-Sex Attraction: What does the Catholic Church teach? How does it minister to those affected?” presented by Father Philip Bochansky

Mar. 4 – “Adoption: A Loving Answer to Infertility” Witness of Adoptive Couples

Apr. 15 – “Theology of the Body for Teens: an Introduction for Parents” presented by Tracy Phillips

May 6 – “Post Abortion Syndrome & Healing” presented by Alveda King

For more information
visit: www.saintpeterchurch.net/respect_life.html
e-mail: respectlife@saintpeterchurch.net