Nov 282013


Children Clothed and Community Participation

With deep appreciation and heart felt gratitude, I join with Chester County Women Services and the Birthrights of both West Chester and Coatesville in thanking you for seeing the Christ Child in the needs of the unborn and born. Only the Holy Spirit could inspire you to be so generous in both your time and donations. Special thanks goes to the young adults of Bishop Shannahan High School, Villa Maria Academy and Sts. Simon and Jude’s School who helped Don and I make the baby shower possible in front of Planned Parenthood for the children and the community. The total of baby items collected was 550 items. People driving by donated money and one man saw us and came back with baby items that he bought which he added to our collection. Many “thank you’s” were extended from passing cars for what we were doing.

Another special “Thank You” goes out to those that made an extra special effort in collecting baby items at their schools and churches. Besides helping the pregnant crisis centers, this was a great way to make our community more aware of 40 Days for Life in Chester County. The more people we have praying during 40 Days and year round, the more babies and families will be saved.

2 Babies Saved in West Chester

This 40 Days Fall Campaign brought the total of babies saved internationally since 2007 to 8,012. Two of those babies were saved right at West Chester’s Planned Parenthood.  This brings our total of babies saved to 33, that we know of. Consider praying an hour a month in front of Planned Parenthood and more babies will be saved from the despicable act of abortion.

Our Closing : An Unexpected Pregnancy

40 Days closing  centered around the Christ Child. We read the Nativity story as if we do not know the ending. In reading closely Luke  Chapter 1, verses 26-45 and Matthew Chapter 1 verses 18-23, we learned that Mary set out “in haste” to visit her cousin Elizabeth, whose unborn child, John the Baptist, leapt for joy at the sound of Mary’s greeting.  The first recorded response to Jesus was from one unborn child to another.  . Jesus could have become man in any manner He chose, but He chose to give total value to the most vulnerable, the unborn. The season of Advent is coming upon us. A special time to remember how valuable our mothers and babies are to our society and pray they too may create a Holy Family.

God Bless us one and all,

For more information call:

Paulette Matthews

610-286-5450 (H)

484-832-2746 (C)

Nov 282013

Every year, at this time, we ask you to consider helping us to continue spreading the pro-life message by sending a donation.  Any amount will be appreciated and will be used effectively.

Nov 282013

Obama Admin Can’t Force Family Business to Comply

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 11/11/132:14 PM

The HHS mandate that is a part of Obamacare was dealt another blow on Friday, as a federal appeals court ruled the Obama administration cannot force a family-run business in Illinois to comply with it and pay for birth control or abortion-causing drugs for its employees.

This ruling comes after another victory against the mandate earlier this month.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a pro-life legal organization, informed LifeNews today that a decision by a federal appeals court that clears the way for the ObamaCare HHS Mandate to be put on hold represents a “significant victory for protecting the religious beliefs of individuals and corporations.”

In a 2-1 decision issued Friday by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, the court reversed the federal district court’s denial of a motion for a preliminary injunction and remanded the case for the district court to enter the preliminary injunction. The appeals court upheld the rights of both individuals and companies to challenge the ObamaCare HHS Mandate – the first decision of its kind in the ongoing HHS Mandate litigation.

“This is a significant victory for protecting the religious beliefs of individuals and corporations,” said Edward White, Senior Counsel of the ACLJ who represents the Illinois company.

White told LifeNews: “It is also important to note that the appeals court determined that the HHS Mandate should not move forward against our clients while this issue is being litigated. It has been our position from the beginning that the HHS Mandate violates America’s longstanding history of protecting conscience rights. The Mandate is unlawfully compelling employers such as our clients to do the following: abandon their faith to comply with the law, or follow their faith and pay significant annual penalties to the federal government. The decision by the appeals court is encouraging as this issue heads to the Supreme Court.”

The ACLJ represents Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc., a family owned, full-service construction contractor serving Central and Southern Illinois for over 50 years. The company is located in Highland, Illinois and has about 90 full time employees and offers a group health insurance plan for some of them. Cyril B. Korte and Jane E. Korte own a controlling interest in the company and contend the HHS mandate violates their Catholic faith.

In the appeals court decision issued Friday, the majority concluded: “We hold that the plaintiffs – the business owners and their companies – may challenge the mandate. We further hold that compelling them to cover these services substantially burdens their religious exercise rights. Under RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) the government must justify the burden under the standard of strict scrutiny. So far it has not done so, and we doubt that it can. Because the RFRA claims are very likely to succeed and the balance of harms favors protecting the religious-liberty rights of the plaintiffs, we reverse and remand with instructions to enter preliminary injunctions.”

This decision comes just days after the ACLJ filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court, posted here, in the case of Gilardi v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The ACLJ urged the high court to overturn an appeals court decision that refused to permit companies and corporations from bringing religious liberty claims in challenging the Mandate.

To date, 40 for-profit business owners have filed legal challenges to the Mandate. The ACLJ has filed 7 cases in federal court including the Korte case. In addition to the direct challenges, the ACLJ has filed more than 15 amicus briefs backing other legal challenges to the HHS mandate.

Polling data from December 2012 shows Americans support a religious exemption to the mandate.

Nov 282013

The 24th Annual National Night of Prayer for Life will again take place at Ss. Simon and Jude, Sacred Heart Chapel on Sunday, December 8 beginning at 8:00 PM and ending with Benediction at 12 Midnight.  The SSSJ Children’s Choir will prelude the Pro-Life Stations of the Cross with an all inclusive candle lit procession to each Station in the Church and back to the Chapel. We especially invite families and children to participate in this hour.  9:00 hour invites Senior citizens, 10:00 hour the K of C and the 11:00 hour adults of any age but in particular young adults.  Each hour will include communal and private prayer.

Nov 282013

On Thursday, December 12th, between noon and 1 pm, there will be a prayer service in front of West Chester Planned Parenthood in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patroness of the pro-life movement.

Nov 282013

At our last board meeting, Gerry Simboli of Rachel’s Vineyard gave the following presentation:

I am Gerry Simboli and am here for Rachel’s Vineyard ministry to talk with you about bringing the message of hope for healing to women and men sitting in the pews of our churches suffering from the tragedy and terrible effects of an abortion.  The stats for this sin are enormous and getting worse.  From what I have been told, one in three women have had, or will have an abortion.  If Obamacare succeeds, it will be offered free and the numbers will multiply.  We are all in this battle together, you to prevent abortions and we to bring the suffering souls back to God where they belong.                                                                 

We, at Rachel’s Vineyard, are developing a program that we call Speakers Outreach.  It is a simple program based on the idea that women who have lived with the spiritual pain of abortion will be the ones who will stop it.  They put a voice to the pain but also give hope for healing from their experience of healing received at a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat.  We have six brave women who are willing to speak out.  They already have spoken at all of the weekend masses one weekend at St. John Chrysostom in Wallingford and are scheduled to speak at a Russian Orthodox church in Doylestown.

This all started when Steve Bozza, head of Life and Family at the Archdiocese  invited our Rachel’s Vineyard team to be part of an advisory board for the Archdiocese to work on a way to grow the Rachel’s Vineyard ministry.

The Speakers Outreach came about as a way to reach out with a healing message to the churches.  Often, at retreats, we hear of the fear that keeps those, who are hurting, in bondage, away from God’s forgiveness.

Archbishop Chaput will write a letter to the pastors of the Archdiocese, recommending the Speakers Outreach.  After that letter goes out, we will follow with contact.    Hopefully, the Archbishop’s letter will give us a better opportunity for acceptance from the churches to offer healing at Rachel’s Vineyard retreats.

At this point is where I hope that you in this coalition and all church Pro Life Committees can help, with contact and communication, and with hospitality and coordination for the speakers when they come to a church to speak.

For retreat dates or other information see their web site- or call Gerry Simboli at 610-399-0890

Nov 282013

January 19 (Sunday) –  Chester County March for Life 2:30 pm, West Chester   – Details to follow in next issue.

January 22 (Wednesday) – March for Life, Washington, DC – Buses will leave from many locations around Chester County. To locate a bus near you, call our bus coordinator, Gerry Bones, at 484-328-3991