Sep 202014

in front of Planned Parenthood  –  October 4th


 Because of your overwhelming support of our first 40 Days for Life Baby Shower in front of Planned Parenthood, 8th S. Wayne St. in West Chester, we will conduct our 2nd Annual Baby Shower on October 4th from 10 AM to 2 PM. We will continue to support Chester County Women Services and the Birthrights in West Chester and Coatesville. 

 Besides helping these organizations to carry out their missions, the baby shower made a very positive impact on the local community. We did not receive one negative response during the entire 4 hours we were out in front of PP with the strollers and baby items.  People passing by seeing other people dropping off their items generated spontaneous generosity as a few cars stopped and gave us monetary donations. One man even left and came back with baby items that he had just purchased for us.  

 Seeing diapers and baby items changes the abstract word of “abortion” to the reality that “children” are present not “choices”.

 Baby diapers, wipes and all other baby items up to size 4, that you can think of, are welcomed. It is very hard to supply the needs of the baby only when another little one in need is looking on.  Dollar store items are always welcomed!  Gently used clothing is also welcomed. We also have an outlet for baby toys and books. . The parents are asked to return the clothing when it is outgrown. So your gift is a gift that keeps on giving. The needs never surpass the donations. 

 We know that you support many other worthy causes and that is why we are so thankful for your support of this yearly event.

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