Sep 202014

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in front of PLANNED PARENTHOOD                                                            

Since the inception of 40 Days For Life, 8,973+ babies have been saved. 34 of those babies were saved right in West Chester. The three major components of 40 Days are prayer and fasting, community outreach and peaceful vigil.  Public witness and praying in front of PP is the most effect way to saves lives. To increase the number of prayer warriors which increases the numbers of babies saved, 40 Days For Life has created a new website It is very comprehensive and has many informative videos now.

 We all became involved with 40 Days through an invitation. Please, invite others to pray with you and encourage others to visit the new 40 Days website. has also been recreated for your ease in using the local vigil schedule and finding out what exactly is going on right in West Chester. 

 If you are comfortable praying in church, you will be comfortable praying in front of PP as the community has accept public prayer in front of West Chester’s PP since the early 1970’s. An hour of prayer could mean a lifetime for a baby. 


  We are opening the 15th Campaign with a candlelight prayer service in front of PP at 6 pm to 8 pm on September 24th.  Candles are a way of bringing respect to those babies that die right there. We are bringing the light of Christ to the darkest place in our community. We will pray for the success of all 40 Days campaigns worldwide that many hearts and minds may be changed. We will pray for the parents who also became victims of abortion. Candles will be provided but it helps to bring a flashlight as the weather does not always cooperate.

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