Aug 252013

In the Bible we find 12 instances where God made major changes and transformations within the time period of 40.  We know the outcome of those journeys.

  After 40 years of legalized abortion in the United States, we now know that we too are continually on a journey guided by the Holy Spirit writing another chapter in the living Word of God. In our faithfulness, we bring Christ’s love and mercy to the most desperate and misguided people of our country. It has brought forth many blessings. God has blessed our efforts with crisis pregnancy centers out numbering abortion mills, ultra sound machines, the ultimate technology in saving babies lives and countless prayer groups with their steadfast unwavering commitment in asking God for His mercy on our country and its citizens.  Undeniably, He is continually answering our prayers. Because God loves all of us, He has unveiled the unthinkable, inhuman cruelties that have been imposed upon women and children.  By revealing the purest evils of abortion, he has captured the hearts and minds of those we could not reach.  Our country is turning more and more away from the act of abortion. 

    During the past 40 years, in 2004 the first 40 Days for Life came into existence. It was supposed to be a ‘once and done’ campaign in Bryan/College Station, Texas. But God had other plans. When the campaign of Prayer, Fasting and Witnessing came to an end it was realized that the abortion rate went down 28%. News spread and other cities wanted to conduct a 40 Days campaign in their community. In 2007, the idea of 40 Days went National and the rest is history. With the completion of the past eleven- 40 Days for Life campaigns  7,536 babies have been saved, (thirty-one of those babies were saved right in front of Planned Parenthood in West Chester) 83 workers have left the abortion industry and 37 abortion mills where 40 Days Campaigns were held have closed.

  We are not just readers of what God can do; we are the ones that God is using. Join us again in our 12th 40 Days for Life campaign on 8 S. Wayne Street and continue to offer Jesus’ healing graces and help to all in need.

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