Sep 102017

Chester County 40 Days

The Walk for Life will also serve as the opening for our Chester County 40 Days campaign.

In conjunction with campaigns in 715 cities in 44 nations, Chester County will begin their 21st campaign at 8 am on September 27th.  Vigils will continue from 8 am to 8 pm every day until the closing ceremony at 2:30 pm on Sunday, November 5th.  The vigils will be in front of Planned Parenthood at 8 S. Wayne Street in West Chester.     

We thank all those who have participated in our past campaigns and hope that your participation will continue so that we can keep offering our help and our prayers to the desperate mothers entering Planned Parenthood.

If you have not done so as yet, please, consider signing up on the vigil calendar at

October 7th  10 am to 2 pm
in front ofPlanned Parenthood

Chester County’s 40 Days will sponsor their annual baby shower in front of PP As a part of our 40 Days campaign.

All baby items are welcomed, new and used clothing up to size 4. Large diapers sized 4 & 5 are always needed.

We walk with strollers in front of PP hopefully filling them with your donated items.

If you are unable to join us in front of PP and are helping by collecting items within your friends and family circles, church or organization, I will be glad to pick up the items collected anytime. 484-832-2746. no deadline.

The donations are shared with CCWS in West Chester and the Birthrights in West Chester and Coatesville.

Memorial Cross WalkNovember 5th
St. Agnes Back Parking lot
233 W. Gay Street

On August 6th 1996 Planned Parenthood in West Chester joined in the killing of unborn children in America. Over 21,000 children have been added from WC to the nearly 60 million children that have been lost. To remind the community of their part in this tragedy, we will again walk in silent prayer behind a banner explaining our actions. Please, come and help carry a cross.

We will conclude with a light luncheon at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 110 W. Market St., West Chester.

Because all of us have families to interact with and share our pearls of wisdom, CCWS will share a short presentation, Sex Risk Avoidance. It is an evidence based abstinence curriculum to be introduced to 6th graders and up. Education makes us more comfortable in sharing our beliefs when the opportunity arises.

Paulette Matthews
610-286-5450 (H-Pa)      484-832-2746 (C)


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