Nov 222012

In the midst of the pre-election, overwhelming work for pro-life success at the polls, 40 Days for Life Prayer Warriors remained faithful to the unborn. God blessed our sacrifices by raising the total of babies saved nationally to 6,717 since 2007 in this the 11th 40 Days for Life Campaign. 7 of those 789 babies saved during this Fall Campaign were saved in West Chester.

Although the mothers, who chose life for their babies came from different areas, the one common denominator was you praying outside of Planned Parenthood. Some of the mothers talked with you and took the free pregnancy test/ultra sound coupon to Chester County Women Services and chose life. Other moms reported that just seeing you praying for them outside of PP, changed their minds. Your presence gave value to them and their babies.

Did we save them all, no, but to those 7 babies and their families we are 100% successful. This 11th Campaign that we have just participated in brings the total of babies saved, that we know of, in West Chester to 30.

Our commitment to the unborn is far from over. Planned Parenthood will become a stronger force in our country and abroad since this election and more deadly for the unborn with more deceit and lies being shared with our youth and young adults.

Your presence is needed, now, more than ever down in front of PP in West Chester. Continue to share your prayer filled presence as that one hour of prayer could mean a life time for a baby as it did for those 30 saved babies.

Babies die between campaigns. Again, the Holy Spirit will guide you as to when your presence is most needed in front of PP. If you need more pro-life material to offer to the potential client of PP, contact me.

Thank you in behalf of the unborn for all your support, participation and sacrifices. Without you, no babies would be saved.

Paulette Matthews

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