Feb 282014

On Tuesday, the usual day that abortions are committed at Planned Parenthood, West Chester, appointments are kept for approximately 21 unborn babies—-a whole classroom full of children.

The response of our local pro-life community can be viewed as performing the Corporal Works of Mercy.

Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick – may be fulfilled by our presence at the abortion clinic.  Pro-lifers are ready to offer practical help by meeting the needs of the mothers.  Free medical and legal help and the material needs of food, clothing and shelter are available through the efforts of the local pregnancy centers and private efforts. This information is given to the clients by loving and caring people with a willingness to drive or give directions to those willing to accept help at the center.  The helps continue through the pregnancy and beyond.

Visit the imprisoned – The helpless and innocent unborn babies are those awaiting death by abortion.  The sidewalk counsellors are their advocates.  The babies’ existence is affirmed by the efforts to save them.

Bury the dead – The presence of sidewalk counsellors is the closest thing that thousands of babies will have dignifying their lives and their cruel deaths.  They have been rejected by parents and they have no names, no baptism, no funeral or burial.

A personal commitment to spend one hour of prayer and offer information at the abortion clinic is an opportunity to save lives, to show the love and mercy of God to those entering the door. It is a concerted effort to change the culture of death to a culture of life.(excerpts from Pro-Life Action Ministries newsletter)

(For information contact Jack and Pat O’Brien 610-692-2122)

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