Nov 142014

The procession of 57 Memorial Crosses began with a prayer lead by Thomas Ackerman uniting over 75 people of all ages as a family in God mourning the loss of 57 million children. The silence we observed in prayer as we processed spoke volumes to the community of West Chester as they were made aware of the number of abortion that have been done since 1973 and the horror that 20 thousand of these babies died right in their neighborhood.

On the steps of the old Courthouse we recommitted ourselves never to be silent or passive and to share our experience with others as how they too may become more involved in helping the unborn and their families.

As you read this, I invite you to spend one hour in prayer in front of Planned Parenthood monthly, if possible, giving value to the children of God and that in our community there is hope and help and no one needs to despair in loneliness.

Thank you to all who made this procession of love possible and to all who made this 15th 40 Days For Life in Chester County a success. 36 babies that we know of are alive today because you invested your time in doing God’s work since 2007.

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