Sep 202014

Sunday, October 12th 8 AM to 8 PM

Each Fall West Chester’s 40 Days for life sets aside October 12th to show appreciation for all that the Knights of Columbus and the King’s Men have done and continually do in protecting and supporting the unborn and their families. We encourage all Knights of Columbus men and King’s Men to come to Planned Parenthood on October 12th to pray for an hour or two wearing their organizations insignia. It give them the opportunity to profess their beliefs openly and remind all men that abortion is not just a women issue as all men are the authors of life as God has designed them to be. 

It was one Knight of Columbus man who learned later in life that he was scheduled to be aborted, who encouraged and helped David Bereit to embark on the very first 40 Days Campaign.  

 Paulette Matthews
(H) 610-286-5450  
(C) 484-832-2746

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