May 212016

The following table shows the deaths that have taken place at the West Chester Planned Parenthood facility since they began committing abortions in 1996.


Year Number of abortions
1996 185
1997 728
1998 785
1999 812
2000 847
2001 964
2002 880
2003 1,076
2004 1,138
2005 1,079
2006 1,008
2007 961
2008 992
2009 1,126
2010 1,192
2011 1,035
2012 1,058
2013 1,079
2014 945
2015 1,013
TOTAL 18,903

(Source:  Pa. Dept of Health)

It has been said that, “one man’s death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” As the number of tragedies increases, at some point, our minds become saturated and we have difficulty comprehending.  The 57 million babies who have been killed since the Roe v. Wade decision fall into that category.

Even when thinking about it locally, it is overwhelming. The above table shows, year-by-year, the number of babies that have been killed at the West Chester office of Planned Parenthood.  The number, 18,903, still boggles the mind.

If we consider a single average week, 19 babies are killed at the West Chester Planned Parenthood. That is the equivalent of the Sandy Hook classroom shooting happening every Tuesday morning. John Donne famously said, “Every man’s death diminishes me.”  We are all diminished by these 19 deaths – every week.  They are 19 holes in the fabric of our lives – every week.  What is an appropriate response?

We pray for the babies, their parents and our community We ask God for the grace of repentance and healing for all of us.  The following are two responses to the deaths:

Helpers of God’s Precious Infants

One response to the killings is provided by the Helpers of God’ Precious Infants.  On the First Saturday of each month at St. Agnes Church, West Chester. The 8:00 a.m. Mass is dedicated to the Pro-Life cause.  It is followed by a Rosary Pilgrimage to Planned Parenthood.  After which, there is a short meeting in the school cafeteria.

Helpers praying in front of PP in May 2016

Helpers praying in front of Planned Parenthood  in May

40 Days For Life image

Another response to the killing is provided by the Forty Days for Life group. They organize two campaigns a year where they maintain a prayerful presence in front of Planned Parenthood for twelve hours each day for 40 days.  Their fall camaign will be starting on September 28.

Part of the campaign will include a baby shower to collect baby clothes for Birthright and Chester County Women’s services. Please start collecting what you can.

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