Nov 122017

Hugh K. Allen, Marge Brennan, Joan Carbo, Sister Eunice Marie, Will Felker, Msgr. George Grima, Deborah Horstmann, Bernadette Kiernan, Larry Kiernan, Sister Madeline Dolores, John Manidis, Theresa Manidis, Oliver McElhone, Meghan Meehan, Brian Mullaney, Edward O’Malley, Teresa O’Neill, Joe Pirolli, Mary Radich, William Stryker

You have noticed that the list of those who came before us and had worked for Life keeps getting longer and longer.

These people are worthy of our remembrance, and even more than that, our grateful prayers.

Each year we celebrate our “family” by attending the Holy sacrifice of the Mass.  This year we will again.  The grace that comes from this Mass is not for the deceased.  It is for us.

We need fortitude, perseverance, courage, hope, love, patience, trust in His Providence, but mostly faith.

We must believe that our prayer is always heard and answered.

Someday the scourge of abortion will be ended.  Already those who have gone before us know the time.

As this Mass, we ask their prayers for us and that we continue the work they have begun.

Each one of them is joyful to see our work.

Come then and celebrate the Mass of Remembrance with them, for us, and for those waiting to be born.  Making time, finding time, to be there is a gift to God to Our Mother and yes, to us.

Mass will be celebrated on Monday, November 27, at 8:00 pm (Rosary will begin at 7:45 pm) at St. Anastasia Church, 3301 W. Chester Pike, Newtown Square, Pa.

May God bless you with His love, peace and joy,

Jack and Pat O’Brien (610)692-2122

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