Nov 282013

At our last board meeting, Gerry Simboli of Rachel’s Vineyard gave the following presentation:

I am Gerry Simboli and am here for Rachel’s Vineyard ministry to talk with you about bringing the message of hope for healing to women and men sitting in the pews of our churches suffering from the tragedy and terrible effects of an abortion.  The stats for this sin are enormous and getting worse.  From what I have been told, one in three women have had, or will have an abortion.  If Obamacare succeeds, it will be offered free and the numbers will multiply.  We are all in this battle together, you to prevent abortions and we to bring the suffering souls back to God where they belong.                                                                 

We, at Rachel’s Vineyard, are developing a program that we call Speakers Outreach.  It is a simple program based on the idea that women who have lived with the spiritual pain of abortion will be the ones who will stop it.  They put a voice to the pain but also give hope for healing from their experience of healing received at a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat.  We have six brave women who are willing to speak out.  They already have spoken at all of the weekend masses one weekend at St. John Chrysostom in Wallingford and are scheduled to speak at a Russian Orthodox church in Doylestown.

This all started when Steve Bozza, head of Life and Family at the Archdiocese  invited our Rachel’s Vineyard team to be part of an advisory board for the Archdiocese to work on a way to grow the Rachel’s Vineyard ministry.

The Speakers Outreach came about as a way to reach out with a healing message to the churches.  Often, at retreats, we hear of the fear that keeps those, who are hurting, in bondage, away from God’s forgiveness.

Archbishop Chaput will write a letter to the pastors of the Archdiocese, recommending the Speakers Outreach.  After that letter goes out, we will follow with contact.    Hopefully, the Archbishop’s letter will give us a better opportunity for acceptance from the churches to offer healing at Rachel’s Vineyard retreats.

At this point is where I hope that you in this coalition and all church Pro Life Committees can help, with contact and communication, and with hospitality and coordination for the speakers when they come to a church to speak.

For retreat dates or other information see their web site- or call Gerry Simboli at 610-399-0890

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