May 152013


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Wishing you a Blessed and Happy Easter Season,

We all faced together the cold weather and the rain during this 12th Campaign but when our sacrificed hours and prayers resulted in 659 babies being saved internationally, it all made sense. This campaign brings the total of little babies saved from needless and painful deaths to 7,408 since the beginning in 2007 when the first National 40 Days was held. We are truly changing the world and eternity.

At our closing celebration, Beverly White from Chester County Women Services shared with us that one of the babies that we saved during our last Fall 40 Days Campaign is due April 11th.

Between 40 Day for Life and Abby’s Johnson’s “And Then There Were None” dedication in helping those who wish to leave the death industry of abortion, 115+ workers are now working to save lives and no longer destroying lives in the abortion mills.

Our 40 Day for Life in Chester County helped a Registered Nurse find her place in the pro-life movement. Betty Rowe just learned about 40 Days and contacted me. We met in front of PP and I explained to her about our local campaign and our relationship with the pregnancy crisis centers as to how we are interdependent on each other. Betty is now another year round prayer warrior in front of PP and is donating her time and talents at the new Chester County Women Services Pregnancy Care Medical Center, 645 E. Baltimore Pike, Kennett Square which opened in March.

Julie Scromp also reported that a car pulled into PP (maybe a mom & her daughter). The young girl looked very upset. They only stayed a few minutes and then left. Whenever someone leaves PP it is a blessing. I am sure Julie’s presence made all the difference.

All of the above may never have happened if it was not for 40 Days. It takes every one of us to keep our 40 Days for Life in Chester County successful. Please continue to educate others on what you do as the more people involved the safer live becomes in our local communities and abroad.

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