Nov 122017

Money Certificates” are available for major supermarkets, ACME, GIANT, and SHOPRITE.

Here is a way to support our mission to save the unborn children, without spending any additional money on your trip to the market:

Go grocery shopping with pre-paid “money certificates”.  Sending a check or money order gets you that same amount back in certificates PLUS 5% goes to (the not-for-profit) Chester County Pro-Life Coalition.   For example: your $20 gets you $20 in “money certificates” and $1.00 helps to fight and save unborn children.  Yes, when you redeem these certificates at the supermarket you designate (SHOPRITE, GIANT, or ACME), that generous retailer donates 5% of that total.

Print and complete the form below and mail to:

Chester County Pro-Life Coalition (CCPLC)
590 Snyder Ave.
West Chester, PA  19382

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