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Abortion, The Inside Story (60 minutes)
An incredible expose of the abortion industry and its workers, including their motivations, strategies, and feelings tpward the women who come to them.

Assignment: Life
Thoughtfully presents all the basic facts about unwanted pregnancies and abortion. Suitable for Jr. High age & up.

Casting the First Stone (60 minutes)
The award-winning PBS documentary which aired September, 1991, featuring Chester County’s own Alberta Horrocks, Joan Scalia, and Debbie Baker.

Champions for Life
New York Giants’ Super Bowl XXI team speak out in defense of life; an action packed video. Ideal for youth groups and high school

Challenge to Chastity
Conference at Chestnut Hill College on behalf of the Delaware Valley Pro-Life Alliance.

Conceived in Liberty
Well-done introduction to abortion and the issues around it.

Eclipse of Reason
This award-winning documentary is Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s disturbing sequel to “The Silent Scream”. This video focuses on late-term abortions. Compelling footage exposes the violence waged against the unborn in a D&C abortion and the psychological victimization of the mother as well as the beauty and serenity of intra-uterine life as seen through fetoscopy footage.

Hard Truth (9 1/2 minutes)
Uniquely convicting visuals of aborted babies. Includes a user’s guide to read before showing this video.

It Ain’t Worth It
A.C.Green tells it like it is. Deals with teens making the smart and safe decision – not to have sex. This is a music/documentary video with some of today’s hottest athletes talking about the hazards of pre-marital sex and the advantage abstinence.

Just Wait
Highlights of interviews with young men and women sharing their views on sexuality. Shares ways to say “No” to pre-marital sex.

LIFE: The Way of Champions
Members of the Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI speak out in defense of life. Ideal for youth groups and high school.

Light of Life
The Carol Everett Story – a former abortion clinic operator and the abortion industry.

Massacre of Innocence
A video that looks at the spiritual roots of abortion and exposes the myths surrounding child killing. This video promises to convert many to pro-life positions. Reveals things about abortion you won’t see elsewhere. Great for church/Bible studies.

Matter of Choice (28 minutes)
Journalist Ann Sommers investigates all sides of the abortion issue and comes to the core of the “choice” by viewing an actual suction abortion and then a live birth.

Meet the Abortion Providers (58 minutes)
A revealing video in which abortion providers tell their own stories about why they became involved in the abortion business and why they eventually left it. Doctors, former abortion assistants and clinic owners tell the INSIDE STORY of abortion.

Operation Rescue (28 minutes)
An insightful presentation of the movement that kept the abortion issue in the public eye. It presents the methods, logic, and scriptural basis of the rescue movement and shows actual rescue operations. Among those featured in the video are Randall Terry, Judie Brown, and Dr. James Dobson.

The Right to Kill (58 minutes)
Host/narrator William F. Buckley, Jr., explores the growing trend towards active and passive euthanasia. Features a dramatization of a real-life euthanasia case as well as interviews with experts and specialists.

The Right Choice
One teen’s journey from despair of the abortion clinic to the hope of new life.

Silenced by Shame (50 minutes)
Excerpts from a play about the aftermath of abortion, drawn from personal experiences.

Silent Scream (28 minutes)
Former abortionist, Dr. Berbard Nathanson, narrates what takes place during a first trimester abortion an ultrasound screen. Suitable for Junior High age and up.

Teens & Chastity: Parts 1&2 (60 minutes each)
Molly Kelly’s upbeat, candid, informative and often humorous presentations. She talks with teens about sexuality, sexual pressure, contraceptives, abortion, and STDs.

Thank You Mom (17 minutes)
Produced by Chester County Pro-Life Coalition, this video showcases many of the pro-life alternatives agencies in Chester County. Interviews with volunteers and clients of the agencies.

Ultrasound: A Window to the Womb (two versions – 55 minutes and 25 minutes)
Ultrasonographer, Shari Rickard, presents fascinating state-of-the-art ultrasound images of life before birth. Unborn babies are shown as they respond to touch, breathe, jump, swallow and suck their thumbs. The longer version contains testimony at a congressional hearing and some graphic pictures.

Who Broke the Baby?
Ideal for teams and adults. Confronts all the arguments about abortion and the slogans used by the other side.

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